I actually believe this is one area where there are gender differences. For guys, I believe continued use and overuse can lead to reduced sensation and pleasure when with a partner, and for less bang when trying to find a partner.

The frequency literally comes down to the health and age of the man.

As for women, the opposite is true, with the only exception being the tools used for getting off. If you use electronic wands etc you can fall into the same pattern as a guy, and that will be bad.

I started to figure this stuff out over the past few years, due to the masterbation technique I used (prone masterbation), since I have never been able to orgasm orally, and only in the last two years figured out how to do it via hand. I am partnered up, but my partner (e.g.) only believes in penetrative sex as the only sex. So that bit worked and since I am larger and since she got cervical orgasms and she came quick (literally in the two decades plus I only beat her 3x ….) yeah.

So a person needs to check the frequency of their sex, how they orgasm, and if they do it partnered.

There are some fantastic fantasies that you can play out even in long distance relationships with this.

Woman or man or partner on a business trip …. have them listen to you getting off pretending it is another woman or man with them. The key is that the other person has to listen and edge while the other gets off. Then flip the script ….

So enjoy and thanks for another great article.

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