I actually have a belief if in heterosexual relationship equality was had with “penetration”, then men may become more empathic and understand the importance of consent and deep level bonding, while women would understand more confidence and empowerment of being “the taker”.

If the couple can be disciplined enough, the orgasm gap maybe leveled also. How? Start with the man warming up the woman and even possibly giving her the first orgasm, and then switch roles and have the man learn to come via his prostate.

For those into kinkier things implement edging, chastity and orgasm denial.

A fantasy of mine has always been to have my partner always come from the use of a feeldoe, and state you know those articles about having sex everyday, well guess what …. it is time to see how many orgasms you can handle while being penetrated.

As a man, I always wondered what it felt like to feel “full” and to have the full body orgasm that my partners have shared with me. Instead of the atomic explosion of the male orgasm, I wondered how it would feel like I have observed when I made my partner cry the “good cry” and fall asleep in my arms.

To me that should be a wonderful goal for a man to achieve ….

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