I actually think the act and practice of this is a rare one in that it actually touches all levels of the intimacy. It speaks “volumes” (in a good way)of you as a human being.

Is it different? Sure, every fetish, kink, desire, or whatever we want to put a word too outside of the act of mutual masturbation or intercourse may seem that way.

Now what would be fun is if there was device you could wear which simulated some of this while allowing access to your breast so you could see the liquid leave (though I know it wouldn’t be the same as feeling it leave).

I have multiple kinks and I also know very well “the shaming” that I have gotten from my loving but highly ‘vanilla’ and extremely traditional partner. My running joke is I am 31 flavors of Baskin Robbins (ice cream) and more she is 50 shades of vanilla.

So be proud of what makes you “happy” and realize the depth is what matters and you have it … my partner in her way has it …. just be you in all your glorious self.


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