I agree 100%. You should only have sex and intimacy to the frequency you desire. What is his desired frequency? Sex is obviously more than intercourse, so is he left high and dry or does he sneak off and masturbate solo and by himself?

It is super awesome you are aware of his needs and try to ensure you watch what you do with him not to trigger him, but it also sounds like there is a deep gap since you are longing for more physical connection and there is a large gulf in the bedroom.

15–30 minutes daily for release (doesn’t have to be intercourse) versus watching a TV show. I sense from your writing that your man is being really stoic and is either releasing his urges (not cheating) and the stage is set for some activity or thing to whisper seductively in his ear (could be porn, could be video games, could be some book, hell it could be him while you sleep creeping his wife …) versus you the love of his life.

Life is hard and it sucks. This article was very awesome to read as a man looking at it from a woman’s perspective. Especially since I have observed female friends who have it in reverse end up just finding some guy on the road and banging it out while coming home and smiling. You don’t seem to be that person at all, so I suggest you may want to talk more ….

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