I agree with this 100%

Further discussion:

If we are to have equality between the genders and have it applied to dating and mating (i.e. the final frontier), having people (presuming good intent) want to take care of one another the norm and not the rarity?

If women see a woman consistently using a man and not being clear, concise, and direct, should they not call out their own gender for doing so? This falls in line with what has been asked of men who use women in a male patriarchal way. If men are considered empowering toxic culture of masculinity in using women in a counter way, this would be an example of toxic culture of femininity.

Not into him? Tell him so and then tell him you aren't interested in his time, energy or love as there is no connection. Wish him well, and tell him to move on. If you have a female friend that might be a better fit, then suggest it to him. It is the adult thing to do.

The author is correct, women (just like men) find desperation a large turn off. Extreme thirst does no one well.

I also agree with the validation aspect, if this is the core intent. It reminds me of a stanza from a 90's song ... "never gonna get it never gonna get it ...."

If the man does not listen and continues on his path (I can guarantee 110% hormones are involved :) ), then he is a toxic nice guy, where nice is not one expects.

The author is also correct, the media does a shit show job in providing examples for health heteronormative relationships. Why? Because folks love to watch dumpster fires due to it making them feel better about their lives.

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