I agree with you. Women have a right to be scared and concerned since they live with so much violence and hate. I am not saying men don’t have the same threats and fears too, but violence around intimacy is an extra level of horrible.

If a man loves women and finds women attractive, they should take the time and work to show them in all aspects of their life. He should also make sure his asset value is top-notch too.

Women have every right and desire to have sex the way they want it. If a woman loves to have quickies and nothing but, then the man should make sure he is ready to go and make that happen on a dime, which is very hard to do.

On the flip side, he should also take the time to listen and learn and understand why she desires it. People pattern sexuality based upon both the good and evil in life: the taboo and peace and joy.

The reality is, though, folks over the arc of time become one dimensional. Relationships like this lead to boredom and are part of the human DNA. Why? Because mother nature has a religious view about maximum diversity with genes.

I chuckle, I remember during my college days, I had a close black friend. We would do a stick (playfully) with people. We called our selves brothers from another mother. Some Fridays, he would dress like a white guy, and I would dress black, and we would go out. Then we would play and say what? I am white, get out of here.

It was all in fun and jest, and we had a kick out of it, so the moral of the story is one needs to connect with a person on multiple levels. The other thing is learning to educate where people know stuff. So I take fun in taking a “dry” and dull job (Nuclear power) and transform it into something that can be relatable. I mean, femininity and sexuality with females are one of the most powerful creatures on the planet, you know.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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