(I agree with you observation 100%)


It would, but society has already hard shamed grouping of men as "bro culture".

If you take the phrasing "Toxic Masculinity" it hammers the nail in the coffin of discussion also, (I use Toxic Culture of Masculinity).

Right now as women don't trust "unknown" men, and still have some guard up with men they somewhat know.

Men now are starting to see women as equal and as such equal to them. Men don't trust men. Picture that holy hell.

So the only way men try to humanize themselves is through women, and the emotional labor of the societies pain through the eyes and mind of one man is too great for one person to bear.

I am an outlier, because it literally took life and death and fighting it for decades to realize while I am stubborn, at some point I couldn't defuse the bomb with a masculine view. That is where feminism helped me come in from the side like in Game of Thrones when Arya killed the Ice King. I had to self-reboot masculinity by submersing myself in female issues and problems and books (e.g. Jennifer Weiner's books on the path and stories of women were helpful as was "Radium Girls").

Even now, I am forced to try to bootstrap further repairs through the eyes and minds of women (e.g. yourself), because it isn't there.

I also don't see it happening, and if it does the damage is so severe you see it turn into MGTOW or some group of incels.

I had to fight that urge using the Constanza Filter (Seinfeld character who became successful by doing the opposite of what he wanted to do). While I built better processes to live, love and think I made myself stronger.

So hence why at some point women may need to realize the generations of men Z to Boomer due to societal neglect are so damaged from society, that getting the high value partners without having decades of years separated is a Herculean task.

Thank you for responding, and thank you for reading, and also thank you for being an awesome person.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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