I always enjoyed the fake assumption that men were the most territorial, since it really is a balanced thing. I learned this early in life (actually freshmen year), when I was friends with a super beautiful woman (we were platonic friends, but my friends thought otherwise). The stories her and her friends would share would make anyone's mouth drop.

So, my poor man's adage was the more passionate and more invested a person is into relationships the counter is usually the same in fear and anxiety.

To share about how my friend (who only dated dated the men of Purdue calendar), we lost touch and later we met at a bar while I was having drinks with a friend who was on a post interview drinks with a firm who hired him. He was a good guy (inept socially, but I always helped him "have fun").

She was surrounded by guys (you know the type), and when she saw me she bolted to me and jumped in the air and I caught her. She came over and talked for a few minutes and caught the jist it was more professional, and bowed out.

The next day I got a call for an interview, interviewed it and got a job (turned it down for another). My friend told me that these guys were like, my skills must be top notch.

Anyways ...

Now is the time to build superior communication and stress management skills, or tell him ... honey ... lets share Nest camera system so we can see each other at all times (joking).

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