I am a firm believe in this and am an anecdotal example of how my belief in God, countless orgasms, and love kept me alive in my darkest days.

I so highly recommend women who are under duress and stress should make this practice a daily one.

As for guys, if you have done so, you need to learn to do the opposite and control it. But I want to feel some guys will say! Well you can, just don't release. Train yourself to the edge and stop.

If you can do this trust me on this one, you will get a really really large boost. Plus on the other side you will get some really strong confidence, and if you can control the beast within you, you will gain tremendous awe and inspire the partner or partners of your dreams.

As for women, the beast needs to be released and released often because the biology is different. Make sure you practice penetration too, since it will help if you are with a future partner to be ready to go.

Keep on being strong Yael, we are all rooting for you.

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