I am a liberal republican and I am waiting for Tea Party 2.0 to pass, then we can go through and rebuild it better.

We have been able to get more women in positions and it will slowly transform.

But TBH, the DNC and its crew has created quite a few enemies and bad blood with their actions, which is well within the right to do.

All of the gross labeling that has been done the past four years, will be remembered. The issue is there will be quite a few that don't have the peace and ability to regulate emotions as some liberal republicans have been able to do.

What I do believe will happen is I will see more cross state attacks at economic layers where Texas will be the #1 beneficiary of this with the longer term goal of making it the #1 state population and economically by the 2030 census.

So IMO, Texification of America will begin, where all the Red states will circle around the orbit of Texas supporting it ...

Tesla, HP, and many others have all shifted their HQs out, and the core of Republicanism will sprout from there, while NY/IL/CA will enter into a slow urban decay cycle similar to what happened to Cleveland and Detriot and soon to be Chicago.

My way of attempting to bridge the divide is this. Both parties are grossly at fault for the current conditions of America 2020. Any incumbent is the root cause of having generated nearly $25 trillion in debt in 20 years "and" having all of our ability to make things being outsourced.

Economic Comeuppance is coming (not winter) and it won't be pretty. GOP has a better handle and image on economic issues than the DNC does. Folks will nit pick and state with straw man arguments and bad examples, but remember the only thing that the DNC has provided in the last decade is a Health Care Tax and now their solution to the ills of America is to tax more.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.