I am a man that wants to feel a full orgasmic release this way. My friends(gay) have told me the orgasm this way is amazing and even better then vaginal sex.

See, due to my life’s shit fest, I have only orgasmed through intercourse or through prone masturbation. It took 10 years of work to be able to do successful “handiwork”, due to my past.

Oral (ha), I am literally an orgasmic virgin there. So yeah, my current partner hates all forms of oral, so no luck there, but if my relationship status changes, that is something I would share with my future partner.

For some it maybe a wicked kick in the pants being my first, and as I have shared I am a loud and passionate sounding man when working up to and through the orgasm. I don’t hear it or remember it is a black spot in my mind ( like a werewolf in transformation).

As for anal? There is a mental aspect that female rape victims with rape fantasies know well. I need to be able to release under situations of love and consent to kill off that anxiety demon from my mind.

So yeah, that I would love to conquer and also have a mind blowing O. Since I figured out men have three main zones for pleasure down there ….

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