I am glad to find out through the use of statistics you stated, that I am in the low single digits of evolution.

Why? This past weekend I had a realization hit me “hard” and I had my ah-ha moment. I realized heterosexuality didn’t fit me completely, as I figured out I was pansexual.

I felt a large weight off of me as things made sense …

It fits since I am a natural switch also.

So if I am with a partner in the future, that want to embrace full fledged dominance …. I am game on. If the person is an alpha in life and needs to submit to feel free … I am definitely game on.

It is interesting the battles we all fit and deal with. I figured out the power play aspect very early and then worked out the rest from there.

The one thing I will promise and put in stone for future partners is …

Orgasm Equality is a must and variety is queen and communication is king ….

Be well …. and the food for thought is … the worst kind of sexual (consensual) fun tortures are those that involve predicament ….. :)

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