I am of the opinion, we should just call out you are anti-abortion/choice or pro-birth.

Not pro-life, because one subtracts from the life of a woman.

As for the current environment, I am waiting for it to be spoken on why the labor participation rate has dropped ...

The rule is beyond arcane, if you are a legal fanboy/girl, it is diabolically innovative, but given RvW came from Texas, one should expect a response nearly 50 years later.

As a Texan, all we can do is get more like minded folks into the state and vote democrats or more liberal republicans in.

If the guidelines were given to me and I was told the law is going to stand but you can modify it.

I would state heartbeat is irrelevant, all that matters is if the Texas boy or girl can put their feet on Texas soil and be medically viable. This would mean 23-24 weeks. I would also put in play the minute a woman is pregnant and if she doesn't want the fetus/child, she no longer has to pay the medical bill and earns minimum wage for every hour she carries it, and since $10,000 was used, she would get this (inflation based) if she carried it to term.

I would also state the man that was responsible would be required to pay money into programs for children and support the woman during this time also. As it takes two to tango ...

Where it might get dicey legally is if a woman can force separate from the child, the man maybe entitled to the same thing too., but that is a whole 'nother problem.

So much small mindedness ... by so many people.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.