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I am sad to tell you this, but welcome to what I realized in 2003. Why I recognized this was I had a farm in Indiana and was on year 3 of 8 of traveling between apartments in the Bay Area to other parts of the US for work then going places in the Midwest for agriculture things.

I observed the hate and anger bubbling up in so many areas, and the only response from folks was neglect (which is a form of abuse). One great example I loved to give is one group asks for jobs and the ability to feed and take care of their families and another groups says you need health care and we are going to raise taxes and if you don’t do this we will sic the IRS on you.

It was a moment in 2012 I realized in the next decade something nasty was going to blow in the next decade. Why? People have empowered a caste system based upon political belief.

So for some Trump is a savior for some and the anti-christ for another, but the reality is now in 2020 we get to pay the karmic bill for a lack of empathy and sympathy in the social media wars empowered by the FU culture of one group to the Resist movement of another.

The scarier part and people better think about this … if the political roles flip some will be chanting yeah we win and we shall over come, while another group will realize the only action is terror induced action and attacks that will make the resist movement look trivial.

So in 2012, I realized how important non-religious or secular identity was to an area where you lived. America the flag …. well everyone is taking a knee and saying nope not my country. So that is why I personally moved to Texas, because the state has a pride (good intention) about itself which allows one another to work together. Is it perfect? No.

But at least people are honest …. I am sorry you just had your wake up call, and welcome to the club. Me personally, I get through the day looking for individual people with depth of character, good conversation, those with empathy and sympathy, (and since I am a CIS male) those with strong masculinity that I can say yeah that is what I partner up with as a friend.

You fit that bill, but do understand be careful about the political polarity dance. The followers of #neverTrump will fall into the “lesser of evils” camp just as well as the #foreverTrump. I have seen it first hand as the conditioning and purity tests is literally identical between the two camps.

Thank you again for your articles.

P.S. Those with allergic asthma and cardiovascular issues (which include allergies) actually are heavily impacted by wearing a mask. Heart rates jump 20–40 BPM while idle due to breathing in super heated and most air. While the CO2 may not be there, there is reduced oxygen per breath. So those that state there isn’t an effect are exactly right either; however, you have to have allergic asthma and require that knowlege via someone with an M.D. not one earned by google.



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