I an extrovert. I love to talk (just like I love to type and communicate. Intimacy wise, all of my partners know when they "got" me. Why? I shut up and I struggle to communicate, but as I get onto the on-ramp to the happy moments and I start to feel.

I get loud and animalistic. Several partners have literally said the same thing. I want to bite you, and you free something in me when I see your animals comes out. A few others sat back and said am I killing you? My comment was isn't that what the French called it? "little death".

Personally, the better the sex the more I black out. So I am truly clueless to the whole thing, but let me tell you I am beyond thankful.

It is me, and if it bothers someone that I am with, then they either need to slowly leave the room and realize that there is something off (trauma whatever).

But as you documented very well (my comments are additive), watching a highly intelligent man turn from the Dr Banner in the hulk to pure animals has to be a wonderful thing to watch. Especially when it is the partners spirit, (for me) femininity and what not that made the "Event" occur.

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