I believe a variety of things in society** (as defined in feminism by the Patriarchy), purposely setup the hierarchical setup to control men through fear.

** Look at the studies that show everyone applauds a boy during pregnancy, but the minute the pregnancy is done …. boys receive less touches and comfort then baby girls.

Then you have circumcision while it doesn’t come close to FGM, it is still the cutting of a lot of nerve endings off a boy. One can’t presume that this trauma has zero effect on a boy’s psyche. Catch your your privates in a zipper and realize that is only a small amount of pain compared to a knife.

Then as boy’s age through the cycle with the reduced attention that is given to them, they then have the atomic bomb of hormones hit. It happens to girls also, but they also have a distinct biological marker that is absent in boys.

So society built structures (patriarchy) to show when a boy became a man. Those structures are now being deconstructed and without a support system, things go boom.

Boys as we know use mimicking to know what is good and bad through looking for their own gender/kind. Look at schools, is there diversity in equal amounts? No. This is called out in Ted talks where boys drop out of education systems by the hundreds all the time with no call out or care. The only time they do care is when that small percentage goes nuclear and shoots up a school or does a violent act.

So … as I have a saying. You can tell how good a society is by how they raise boys into men. Frankly, we have done “badly”.

Things are looking up though … people now realize this is an issue. So Gen Z kids and their kids will have the right training and education. The problem is though, we have decades of abandoned men who are lost and alone and don’t have any tools to know how to talk or converse or use their words succiently or correctly or civily.

This leads into what is discussed here …. why do men fear women? Because they know they are broken, have zero to no real community, and evolutionary wise are being passed up and by. Toss in the biological imperative …. boom we have a hot toxic mess.

So men don’t love themselves, live in fear and anger and loneliness.

This is a highly complex problem and issue. It requires a lot of work by society, but most importantly by men. The problem is there isn’t enough good ones to cull the herd of wild ones (think lost boys).

Mindful Masculine Suffrage is required in the same way the Woman’s suffrage happened in the late 19th century. Until that can be made and civil and good men can help provide the mimicking functions that lost souls need, (with the help of women) …. sadly women won’t feel safe.

I am very proud of what Women have achieved. I see strong women in TV and movies (even anti-heros) I am rooting for them. The reality though is we need women and society and men to realize that sexy is being the father, being civil, helping one another, controlling and managing the sexual beast and anger from loss of not being successful sexually (per biological urges) is the cool thing. Geeks and intellectuals and good men are the studs and stars and they get the best women ….

Once that happens we will see a shift from the chaos that we see now.

Sadly, women will have to take the burden for a while longer. Having low to no quality men for mating, dating, and having relationships.

The advice I can give to younger guys out there going through the rage is this.

You fear female sexuality …. you shouldn’t because if you make your partner feel safe and secure and whole … she will match you and exceed everything you could ever dream about.

What you should fear is due to mental stress and poor physical and mental coping skills, and through abuse of drugs and food and what not … being put into a position, where you find the woman of your dreams, you build a life, and then due to health and mental stress …. you get ED or can’t perform anymore. You want to talk about stress? Looking down and seeing her face when shit don’t work will cause you the greatest pain you can ever think about ….. that is something you should fear.




Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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Alan Tegel

Alan Tegel

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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