I believe in sex work and will never shame a person for doing so. There are some intimacy acts that given societies and views will never be accepted as mainstream and for now that is a necessary activity.

There are also situations where some people literally do not have the ability to effectively work through the social dating maze to get to the mating, or have a low enough self esteem that it will never happen.

What does one do when an activity is one where you fail? You practice, but of course when it comes to sex (shhhh no)

Personally, I have seen the abuse that happens in power situations in these areas. I also believe in the in the priceless-ness of a person's soul and partner "intimacy" is very important to me.

I also get the raw emotional surge where two strangers see and enjoy each others and with respect and consent "and" that is a-ok.

But GFE, sugar babies fuck no.

Sex Work = yes

But for me, I won't pay for sexual transaction around intercourse and "vanilla" engagement. No. I will spend the money in dating, going through the respect and time and getting to know a person, or supporting the person's work goals and life.

But pay for sex? No.

I have had situations in my past, where I have shared in comments on medium, where I helped a sex worker get home from a hotel during nasty weather because her pimp bailed. She offerred "even" for free, since I was an uber driver before uber, but I stated even then this was still something not cool in my book. That being said we had coffee and smoked while we waited the storm out and then I went back.

I won't put a price on a personal intimate engagement, but I also won't judge someone who does (or) those that provide the service.

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