I believe the real reason is the flight from California and other liberal states will alter the dynamics across the board.

When states shut down the next go, large chunks of the blue state economies will shut down for good, and people will migrate to cheaper locations.

This means the liberalization of areas that were red.

The thing is it will be less red and blue and more shades of purple.

At some point, the economic damage and carnage put on America since the early 2000s (marked when China entered the WTO) and when combined with what I believe will be China taking America to the bank will permanently reduce chunks of America to low economic class folks.

Folks may have their politics, but food security will be gone as farmers will be done.

So folks then will either shift away from hard positions or move harder, and it all comes down to the actions of people over the next two years.

So I think there will be less red and blue except in hardcore states, and more purple.

Folks better be prepared for an economic drop, especially Democrats who win the seats in GA. In supposedly high growth areas, private companies have culled bonuses, killed merit increases, and are preparing for another bloodletting.

Gen Z kids are going to learn the impossibility of trying to get a job when there are none in areas they desire.

So may you live in Interesting Times says the Chinese Curse for 2020 is truly interesting.

In blue states, they will float through urban decay similar to the path Cleveland did. 2020 showed it's impact on Ohio, which is no longer a swing state. It took 50 years of urban decay and graft and poor government to neuter cities and a state in reasonably good times. The question is how fast in the modern era where we are no longer a manufacturing powerhouse, our productivity is limited, and the American dream isn't.

Is it scary depressing? Maybe, but if people stop and get over their denial and realize what is important, then we can resolve and solve this ASAP.

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