I believe we should create a trade school for agriculture, and bump up the pay so people desire to want to go into farming (subsidize it). Think of like a jobs program equivalent to one of those born in the 1930s.

We can even tie things like higher education loans and repayment in with it, so if folks desire to be educated say in liberals arts, or math, or music or engineering e.g, they could get it all dealt with and we could even use the seasonal planting to help with that (e.g. spring and summer school, work in fall winter (etc)).

I would make the agriculture programs into a co-op manner and reduce the power of large ag based businesses. One of our issues has been the heavy handed power that large companies can influence on the price and goods.

I would also build some kind of guaranteed climate friendly transportation based system which allows goods to freely and cheaply flow, while keeping employment in place.

Feeding a nation is just as important as protecting it. We have the ability to make every good local if need be, and the reality is if folks are really concerned about "climate" (which I chuckle because as person in a rural area, I know how variable it is everyday and I also e.g. had a tornado hit my farm in May 2020 ... so I get it ...) they should realize shipping food products over seas is not friendly.

I am not saying to crimp the services from poorer nations, but we need to be balanced in a way that is win-win-win (us, the smaller country and the planet).

I do appreciate the time you are taking to talk, and I am for very much the solutions. I am not a blowhard like you might find out on the social media wildlands ...

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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