I call this the George Constanza (Seinfeld) method. :)

You can have your daddy issues, but they need to only be with role play and intimacy and with 100% consent. IT should not go into the realm of household and life and love.

You are not another person's slave "girl", but you can be a real and genuine and authentic man's "baby girl".

But only when things are equal and balanced.

I can't wait to see Gaby 2.0, fresh upgrades with the female roar and independent and free. Where liberated mode is the default mode of operation.

You deserve your cake, and you should eat it too, but remember the man should be attempting to bake that cake, barefoot in your kitchen, your house, and be lucky to be in your bed.

Then you can whisper ... do you have mommy issues, but don't you dare say that because then out of my house you will be. I want queen worship mode from my equal partner in life and love and happiness.

Most importantly there needs to be two fighters in life wrestling around playfully in an equal dance, where sometimes she can whisper.

Will you be my daddy for just tonight please.

:) then the fun can begin ....

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