I can appreciate your personal hell, as an intelligent person and a liberal (I am also a Republican so let that warp your mind a bit) that has kept a farm in rural areas and has lived in cities (San Jose e.g.) ... I so get it.

You as a person are proving a conversation I would use while in a bar at a restaurant while on the road.

You have two choices and you have to pick. Sex with 50,000 people one time or sex with one person 50,000 times. What is your choice.

I have had a few people say not possible to do in a lifetime, and my response was always you have never been around a high libido person. It is a blessing and a curse both at the same time.

Well you have just proven 300 days for one cycle of fifty!

It is sad in a way that our life is like this, you can have two out of three things in life, when in reality we deserve all three.

On the intellectual side (I was a player who turned to demisexual due to trauma crap), I have had your exact situation. Just got done having a threesome where the women I was with got off multiple times and I Was like ... gee this is boring. I looked down and realized while amazingly beautiful, I realized she really wasn't worth it.

So yeah ... that aspect sucks.

As a person that enjoys conversation with switched on intellectuals, lately everyone seems to have turned into dullards. Why? Because everyone has a social justice fetish and political is the equivalent social identity association.

They don't like how a debate or conversation is going they attack on a personal identity angle. So you can be sitting and spinning trying to have a conversation three times a day (or more), and in reality folks are doing an intellectual circle jerk.

The key is how to blend the two worlds that you just got to experience and have vividly and most wonderfully (and openly) described to others.

You and your guy are pretty awesome, so don't fear change, embrace it. I saw what you meant about your mother, she is a looker. So thank you for the kind comment a few articles back.

I have been told by some really switched on people (high quality) that I need to write a book about my observations and life views. I believe you should too. You have done some pretty amazing things you should be proud of, and your guy is pretty amazing too.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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