I caught SARS and MERS. For the first I was stuck in a hotel for nearly three weeks where my only existence was getting soup and drinking water and sleeping (not going out and marking my room as not to be serviced). The second I luckily made it home and my better half thought I was near death as I slept 22 hours a day.

All I remember is it felt like someone was taking a bat to my chest repeatedly.

People need to take this seriously, but also do not fear. Limit your traffic to getting the bare essentials (food/fuel/etc), and keep up your spirits and keep good hygiene practices.

People also need to realize that it will take 18 months to get a vaccine, and it will be done as corona viruses already have vaccines in cattle and dogs so the success rate will be high once the doctors and scientists have the time.

So until then, people need to do what I suggest in the 3rd paragraph, until herd immunity can be built …..

So my fun dark comedic food for thought now is …. where are the anti-vaxxers now or is this their flat earth moment ….. :)

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