I do like how you wrote it and title the headline. If people went with their deferred bias …. what is on the surface differs from what you said with intent and description later.

One only sees what you are doing if the reader does not personalize it and use “their personal experiences” to judge the article.

If a person has strong emotions, step away think about why you feel the way you do … step away from the article and think, pray, contemplate what and why you feel that way and the experiences (negative) you had.

As a side example, one weekend I was drinking with some Russian coworkers on a weekend trapped in a remote city that was none of our homes.

At the end of the weekend, they stated oh my you drink like a Russian, we never met an American that could drink like us. Their experience was all California based ….

I chuckled I stated I was from the midwest where we drink “a lot” …. biases exist everywhere we live and work so one needs to make sure they don’t jade their views on something with their experience.

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