I do science based work "all the time", but my unique areas I work on (performance) in internet has taught me something's can't be made definable by the sheer number of values at play.

Female orgasms and the need for women to have a lot of them makes sense to me.

Then at the end, the male "essence" or semen actually has hormones and substances meant to promote growth "and" to trigger the cleansing process in the woman.

There has been studies that show that women that consume male semen actually have a boost in their immune system and well being.

Why does it make sense to me? One solution I built for a customer with technology that is now 12 plus years old "still" can not be beat even with the latest and greatest technology. I had numerous high tech network guys look at me and say my Xyz method and tech is superior "blah blah".

When I designed it I took the time to tear apart the servers and the interconnects all the way up the stack to where the gear "would tie into" into a Tier-One carrier main "bone"(ha I know).

End result, one simulation look with doing something on 120 nodes took <17 seconds to operate. Their kit and design? 80 nodes 3-4 minutes. they could never beat it ever ...

They stated it was good enough. The kicker? They were even using network gear 10x as fast as what I had to use (10 GigE vs 1GigE). My secret, I made sure certain “blades” and nodes talked directly to the same switches in blade centers and never left the chassis. When it did go out it was for important and critical things. I could never get approval for 10GigE because of politics so I created multiple “channels” of bonding things together to pipeline the work as a superhighway.

Ok Al I am bored ... what does that mean.

I took the time to maximize the performance because I treated every interaction as special and unique and it had to be done "right" and quick and it needs to be able to last a long time.

In sex that is the "foreplay" ... I had a saying with friends, you want her to want to come back to your bed, make her orgasm three times before you "drop" yours. Guys would look at me like I was insane.

I called it the Tegel Genie Theory. So

But for me everything you said is true, my view is if you really love women and care of the one you are with ... show her by taking care of her first.

Trust me there will be ample times over the future where she will step up once her safety and sanity and health are guaranteed.

Then as you age, remember this and women will need to pay attention to it. The roles will reverse and it has to do with mother nature slowing the breeding down :) ... He will be the one to have a headache more, so a lot of care will need to be done with guys to give him foreplay and open up other areas of sexuality and enjoyment too.

When it is done right … a healthy and happy and liberated woman is a satisfied one. Given how poorly our society (patriarchal in feminism terms) has treated women, they will show their appreciation at the most unexpected times …

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