I do wish I knew what this boy’s club was since I can empathize with a lot of what you have to say and feel, but I do know guys like myself and others do question others and attempt to interact but like you have to be careful because sometimes words with other guys needs to be followed by fists. Lastly, there maybe an implicit view with men, but what some folks that have a majority feminine gender don’t get is it isn’t a system, it is a fear that one will have to fight a “death” fight with another guy … there is no talking middle ground only fists or flight. This is a core issue since men really have no “safe spaces” of community like women have built over the centuries.

But thank you for your words and keep on doing it because there are guys listening. I just wish I had gotten the therapy I needed several decades ago and removed the crutches of alcohol and giving a false front that I was ok, when I was dying and dead on the inside.

I am thankful for Gillette bringing the topic up, but given it’s core intent was not to help men or women but to buy blades, they will be shunned from me buying from them. If there is a smaller POC or woman run business doing the blades and other things, I will buy from them, but never from Gillette.

As someone that has had to rebuild his masculinity from the ground up (and I interestingly enough used feminism to do so), I found the observation of others getting their first exposure “interesting”, but honestly to truly answer and question and fix a core gender trait takes openness, honesty, vulnerability, and a trusted sparring partner to do properly.

Thanks again for your share and your writing is amazing as usual. I get it, but I wish I didn’t have to take my life’s path to get the answers I did ….

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