I don't blame you given all of "shit show" men out there. Also, you had me at "kids" too :) . Maybe one day in the future parents can be fully formed sexually so nothing seems to weird.

We (my friend) cut back communication because it truly was going into emotional cheating and that violated me as man/human being. It sucked, because to use my words. If I cheated, it would change me. I would not be the same man that you see and we both love.

I am so happy for her right now. I have seriously enjoyed intimacy with black women and the contrast between everything is pretty amazing. As such, seeing white women with black men I know is a wonderful thing to see (especially given the racism prevalent in our society.

She is getting some serious loving from a well stack black man who is like wow holy hell. But even then she is like, I seriously wish you were here because no matter how all my itches are scratched and how giggling I get and how great I feel. I know it isn't you.

I get to observe her female anger rise, when she notices I am down, since it is due to failure and issues I am fighting through (usually with my current partner). That is why I am all-in with women showing anger and using it, the only cavaet I raise is to be careful because of my personal hellish experiences.

So I raise a glass to you and your empowered self and strong woman warrior. I hope one day to have either my current partner freed of her purist/traditional view or else be with a strong liberated woman so I can no longer feel 100% alone.

I don't know how a guy could not be proud of a woman that is so confident and awesome that he could get to see her sexuality bloom. Sure there maybe a time when her focus and needs are handled hot and hard by another, but for guys that have limited confidence (and I am talking not the evil/small mind kind) knowing she can even help the guy out in exploring his full nature is something that would be super awesome.

Sorry for the length, but for some reason you hit me with the "feelz" .....

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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