Yael Wolfe, I don't get the "step" fantasy stuff, but let me tell you if my partner shared it with me the last thing I would do is shame her or blame her.

AS a message to the guys, you learn to listen to what she wants and needs, and if you are truly creative and curious and are all in with your partner, you make it happen.

As for me personally, the greater the age gap between a woman and myself on the youth-side, the less my desire for her body happens and the more I want to protect it.

It has to do with what happened to me, and I always stated (even with a close friend who has a daughter that literally looks like her at the age of 18 versus her mother in the 40's.

Put those two in a bar, I hit on the mother and want her not the daughter (period). I will keep my eye out for the predators for the daughter and hope none come while I pray for a happy ending night with the mother.

As for my partner, to help those that grow up and live on the creativity short bus, and drool when it comes to curiosity.

I would sit down after a nice meal and when we are relaxing with coffee and dessert. So, “X”, you told me you have this fantasy, would you like to act it out? If yes, then we would talk to details. I would basically tell her she needs to dress in the house more "teenage" like with pigtails and other things, and then we do "the dance".

It would also mean for the days or week, we would not sleep together in the same bed, and she would be under orders to "fantasize".

Then you take your imagination from there ...

Respect, consent, and people of age are free to do whatever they want in their Queendoms and Kingdoms of life. Those that judge "can get the fuck out" and go lead a boring and bland sexual life.

Thank you for sharing what had to be a hard thing to share.

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