I don't know what we would desire to call it .. i.e. the gender and sexually fluid society built upon equality, diversity, and merit.

It is hard, because even if it is in the name of the patriarchy, some of the most hideous things were also done by women in power and control

Not All Women obviously, so as we build things for the better, maybe we look at how to do so with an Egalitarianism view.

So one would need to look at blending the best of matriarchal and patriarchal systems into something better as life and nature is a yin and yang kind of thing.

There is a book "The Power" which maybe of interest to you that delves into the view of roles swapped and women had the physical abilities that overpowered men, what would happen.

One would probably find common trait in all of humanity no matter the gender is vengefulness.

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