I don’t post many selfies or pictures of myself in public view because of body positivity issues. I am much more liberal and open in private.

Why? Because of shame and also because after losing the 6-pack and athlete body, it drained my confidence in ways women “get.”

This “shit-show” crosses gender lines 100%.

I have shared with my friends in private, I highly desire to get my body back, and they lovingly told me not to worry that women aren’t into that as much as being healthy.

I am thankful for their thoughts and their kindness, but what I will share is before all of my issues and whatnot. I was a complete ass-hat and dick and looked at women for their packaging rather than their soul. I am not like that anymore, but I still put those bad karma vibes out there (albeit in the 1990s).

So since I believe in showing regret and remorse through action, I have taken it on myself to make myself look like one of those sexy yummy boy toys. I play with the fun mentally thinking about how fun role reversal could be to play with sexually and personally.

But the difference is this is my body my right to do so, and it is a one-time thing. Of course, when done, I will go to routine maintenance and care. When done, to be that thick cowboy on the farm will make my partner go yum.

But back to you, I hate when I see guys and people tear down people who are struggling or don’t meet the “standards” that objectify scars in so many people, especially women.

I just had this happen again with my partner. She posted a video of her training a horse, and she was like to look at my flat and flabby ass. After I saw it and when she came in, I asked why you degrade yourself like that? I love you, and no, it isn’t flabby, my god, you are a size 1, your Fitbit shows 30–40K steps a day.

So wear your body as a badge of honor. You and the other women (and honorable men) are fantastic as a person is more than the shell that encompasses themselves.

For those that shame, they can honestly go fuck themselves as they need to self-love since they are nasty and don’t deserve to be in the same space as women with honor and grace.

So if I become untethered due to some fault on my own, I know women with curves and those that don’t fit the societal norms, will be on my dating plate.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.