I doubt “anyone” that is in actual relationship to be argument free, and without stress or anything …

Oh wait I know when!

When the two folks are in a pine box six feet under with the pretty flowers growing up ….

So I am glad that you escaped that insanity, and you know what a few people I had to block last fall (which is something I never do) … they fit this and they are toxic avenger type of women and yet give this vibe of being new age …

tl;dr — -> on relationships

I know my relationships were and are and never will be perfect. E.g. In my relationship, we had a blow out of epic proportions. She ticked off some boundaries sections and I let her verbally have it (I was not going to be pushed over).

Her response fine lets get a divorce, I stated why do you have to go nuclear when you hurt me and I push back …. she stomped off. I followed. Another round and then I let her finish and hugged her. Normally, I would be all for consent but not this time.

Her father abandoned her, her mother used her, and they both were epic fails at parenting. The day before one of the neighbors dogs broke through our fences and nearly mauled one of her favorite cats to death. Luckily due to the tornado damage one of the 20x12 doors was folded over in our yard so the cat found refuse and protection (you could actually see the dent where the god banged his head trying to go after it.

She was scared about whether the cat survived the night after surgery (due to punctured lung). This was the core of her hurt, then we had an argument and she couldn’t process it.

We don’t own guns on our place, and I truly value life but I tell you if I had a gun I would have shot the dog no doubt **

I am pro-2A and in my warped logic I associate it with a woman’s right for an abortion. Why? She is self defending her body. That being said it may seem weird why I don’t own a gun.

If I see a woman hurt, taken advantage, assaulted, (or a child for that matter), I can see red. I will go into the fire to save and help and protect, and when I go in, I go in with the full rage of what happened to me.

So if two people in a relationship don’t have some stress and discourse, there definitely isn’t love or passion or emotion …. if that is not the case … then that person is a liar and hypocrite ….


Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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