I find it ironic/interesting/whatever as a guy Iove feminine partners. I love the curves and looks and what not. But that is the shell ...

What I truly love is the full joy of seeing my feminine partner release happiness, and pleasure and to know that she feels safe and satisfied and that I did that.

I also know that refractory periods for men are vastly different then women (with the exception of certain societal traditional "alternative" practices) .

So, why not take the time to make sure she loses it completely, and give her the trust that she will reciprocate. There is a win-win, for both plus the guy will lose it completely with harnessing his desire and orgasm too.

Now if there is a bad female actor/actress out there, realize it speaks of that person and not the group of people they are from. Give them a chance and if the intent comes from trauma, the gift given back when they trust will be tremendous. If they are a black hole, know you tried to give them some humanity and walk away knowing you are the better person.

Life is stressful enough as it is, why not add little deaths and moment where a person doesn't remember anything ... it is just good karma.

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