I got this comment a few months ago. I keep you around because you make me less angry.

I am learning and working (it is a bit different when you are with a person for a few decades) to try to match it is what she wants and how she needs space view.

Mother (and I mean mother) of all blowouts a few weeks ago. She was at a 11, and she took me from 1 to 10. Aries on the cusp of Taurus and a full blow redheaded welsh Taurus … yeah … words were said.

At one point, she went nuclear .. fine lets get a divorce, and I was like why do you have to go nuclear like that, which of course didn’t help :)

Bang bang bang she went into her office to get some extra horse working clothes, and without saying anything I stated I am going to hug you because now more then every you need this.

I love you and while I am pissed at you I am sorry for any hurtful words that I said and I let go. Things blew over and we started to talk again.

The joys of building a flawed relationship and working on it …..

I am of the belief that the hardest thing a person can do is to be in a monogamous relationships with another and be around 24x7x365 (I work from home as she does too). So much work, but you are right … the best thing to do to fix something (as a guy) is not to do anything at all but support your partner as they process whatever is going on.

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