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2 min readAug 8, 2020


Yael Wolfe,
I had a nice response go into the ether :).

+1000000 to all of this.

As a man who wants to be a strong and empowered man with swords of empathy and shields of sympathy and arrows of kindness, and the strong spark of life for womankind and to be an example to men

I spend my time and energy projecting my heart and my soul and power and privilege to try to help those people, who have lost their way -or- who have been struck down hard by the anxiety and fear demons.

Life is about yin and yang, equal darkness and light, and 2020 is showing in "spades" the darkness in so many people's souls by releasing the masks that they use to hide behind.

There are far more women trying to build safety and community and protection then men, but there are men doing this.

So for those women who raise their lanten's powered by the light of their soul, I stand beside you or in front of you when the demons rush forward using the spark of my masculinity to light my sword to scare of the demons and to attack.

My projection is kind words and the desire to help a fallen soul on the battlefield of life. I know when I get struck down because we all do, I trust the women and men with healing power and good thoughts will bring me back with their thoughts and prayers.

So I shared this with a close friend who is downright amazing, what I found happening is when I write something with powerful feeling. I have started to actually cry when writing the words. The 3rd paragraph represents that even happening as was the 7th and 8th.

I want women to feel safe and empowered, and I want men to fight their internal demons so they can stand side-by-side with me and we rush in a coordinated way. Do note, woman warriors with the same masculine power and strength, join up too.

So I choose to spend my 5-10 minutes writing about this, then going on a meme-fest hunt. And using dark comedy to deflect from the horrors of life.

Be well and be strong, and may any kind action I or others do, be the arrows that go into the heart of the troll that attacks you.



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