I had a situation where I smoked and drank a little too much. I got my partner off (twice) actually, and when she fell asleep I went to her kitchen got some water. I was looking out her balcony window when she came flying at me out of anger, for which I caught and subdued her onto the couch.

She was like you didn’t come how dare you (she found an empty condom).

Let’s say that relationship didn’t last much more than a few months after that.

So instead of realizing the gifts I gave her, she personalized it in a way that her insecurities were in full force and made her so much more unattractive.

Should the guy who couldn’t get off with his partner use a sex doll? Yes he should as he has every right to orgasm in his own way. Should he be able to use it next to his partner unless she states please I want to go to sleep so can you do that else where? You betcha. Orgasms and bonding regardless of where the penetration or event happens should be done in a shared way.

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