I had twin aunts that never married, and took care of the family until they were moved into hospice. They both worked, had reasonable assets to the point my father's brother who barely earned 40 credits for social security was covered enough to possibly live the rest of his life on the edge but by himself.

I will remember when one of the twins passed due to piss poor hospital work (the uh no we didn't see the wound on her that turned into sepsis (it was the size of a softball). whatever right ...

The priest stated they were women that lived in a relationship with themselves and God (they were religious).

So my view is this, folks that aren't in a relationship with another are in the most important relationship of all. Themselves.

The use of this phrase just feels like the 90's phrase of negging. My view is seasons come and go, and while people generally do, there is no single season, it is constant motion.

Great article, live, love, be and do. Then if you do find someone that can ride the wave with you, awesome-sauce rock on. IF not oh well ... ride the wave and be the best you can be because you should love yourself always.

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