I hate to double post but that is the joy of growing. Online sites and society have very little concept of what female dominance really looks like.

From my view, it is about her watching he r love be an adult say cleaning up the dishes. Then walking by smacking him on the but playfully and saying when you are done come upstairs.

It is him coming up and loving her and releasing her heat first and foremost. It is showing the respect and gratitude. It is walking the walk she does, and it means being all in with love making no matter the time of the month.

It is about holding back his desire and asking for consent and giving her power over his most precious parts.

It is about waking up making her the winner and life, and when she wants to be taken doing it right appreciating the fact she trusts him.

If she has to have or desires it, to do it for her, and doing it to himself too to bond.

If their is traditional dominance as one sees a lot in porn. Then make sure it is at times of her discomfort to show true partnership. When the patriarchy bites and she has to process toxic masculinity he is there to help her process the pain if she so asks.

Service is love. Love to service.

It won’t be sexy to biological men, but he should show loyalty no matter how she shows her passions.

She will reward in the long term, women don’t leave their peers behind, so one can assume she will do the same for her man.

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