I have a close friend who we have a very strong connection. We reached a point that I realized it wasn’t fair. We cut connection which hurt really bad.

I stated I am single you are single we meet we do the dance like two birds in the sky hoping to finish before we hit the ground.

But we can’t …. I am thirsty you are thirsty …. we need to stay friends, we need to talk and keep up with each other and bounce ideas.

But we can not go there ….

A real friend and person that loves another learns that boundaries when you find those folks that can be soul mates (or twin flames) realize they are critical from being dishonest and untrue to the most important person.


So far now … I cheer her on as she lets her inner tigress lose, taking names and numbers … feeling content through and through and bouncing like Tiger the Tiger after having an amazing sex session with one of her many lovers.

We ask how each other is doing as friends and keep in touch and cheer each other on.

If you are a single person …. boundaries and making sure your needs are met is sacred. Rich empathic all-in people are rare and special and should only allow those that truly appreciate and respect the love and passion that they have to offer.

Now if the partner has a certain look or feel that makes you say yum …. go and enjoy it as long as the boundaries are good and solid. Sharing the opening crack to the door to you soul so they can bask in the nuclear warmth for the ability for you to say “ahhhh goddess thank you” …. is more then enough payment.

We are hungry because we are incomplete. We are all a puzzle missing 1/2 of our pieces and we are looking for that person with puzzle pieces that match ours ….

Me personally …. I see you and the authors I have called out and supported as more then a set of puzzle pieces … you ladies are three dimensional puzzles with immense detail, fantastical colors, smooth and exotic feel that makes you go OMFG …..

Meanwhile you have to rely on a bunch of partners that say paper and crayon me draw pretty :)

For you … you are looking at the pieces on the ground and saying god I am awesome I need to put myself together better and enjoy me ….

As a friend from a distance I say … do you want a tea or cookie or a brighter light or magnifying glass to analyze you better … then I step back and watch with pure amazement and joy as Yael grows.

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