I have a farm and with agriculture, we consume a lot of natural resources. So I am very much aware, on twitter I posted my water burn for the horses and two people that don't do much outside of drink water, distill 2 gallons for humidifers and cpap and coffee, and simple things

16.6K gallons last month.

Tons and tons of hay and grain.

What do I do and what do I have planned if I won the lottery?

I would cover every building with solar. I can produce "a lot" of juice. E.g. one of my 4 main buildings is an 80x120' arena. You do the math.

I would have offline storage, and would also drop an extra pond and I would dig for wells to help reduce the water conversation. I would also use that water to pump and maintain my acreage so horses can eat and we can try to minimize the impact.

I would have a main farm truck for long haul, but I would have an EV vehicle presuming it can do 500-600 miles (cough Tesla Truck).

If I do this right, most of the people on my street at peak time should be able to leverage the power from me.

That is my plan to help others.

My view is this too. Internet / Broadband is "shit" in red and rural areas. I bitched and moaned about this. What did I do ... I worked with a vendor and put 5G on my place. Oh no Covid and Bats ... watch out I am creating it (snark / ha / whatever).

The kicker ... when putting a mare down due to strangles (bacterial version of SARS), talked to a guy that led all the fibre deployments for GTE/Verizon in Texas and even internationally. He said yeah I noticed 18 months ago my shaky service with Provider X became rock solid I was like wow.

I pointed at my gear and the water tower. I stated you are riding on the bone I designed, and he added so your stuff helps go 30-40 miles OTA and goes out the pipe I helped build in the 1990s and 2000s?

Yep. Texans in different times, doing that one thing trying to help people.

Moral of the story, don't give up Yael. Your actions do matter, your fight does effect everything.

You are the pretty butterfly flapping her wings that creates a powerful tsunami/hurricane up the gulf of mexico ....

You saying ... if you listen to me I stop fluttering my wings and we are all safe .... very well then.

It amazes me the patience you had with the *sshole that fought your desires.

I may have issues in my relationship. We may argue, but kill or cull the dream of the person I care about?


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