I have a friend who had low confidence and was beaten down mentally by her ex just enjoy that observation of women shaming women. She doubts herself all the time, and I always am there (I am her friend I have her back 100%) to tell her no no no … be liberated and be free.

“I went to bed snickering cause bitches hate me. Lol.. they hate me cause they ain’t me. Lol..” — anonymous female friend

(stripped for comments and for privacy a typical response)

“BTW … I am proud of you. Think about where you were a year ago and what anxiety riddle shit you had to deal with, and now look at what you are handling “and” you are getting your thirst satisfied”

Why … one of her close long term friends called her a whore and meant it.

She also is a cheerleader for me while I fight my battles. She tells me of course she has really deliciously evil intent for supporting me, but respects my desires to stay and keep loyal and riding through my relationship until is fixed or declared dead.

I chuckle in return … all I can do if that latter happens is come hat in hand because if you truly take my suggestions and positivity to heart, I hope I am man enough to ride and die with you at least one time.

I love and find sexual not the gender of the person but the heart and soul and power of confidence of the person. I do have strong preference for strong alpha women who are liberated, as I feel comfortable in supporting them. That is just me …

Thank you for your share and I hope for the best and contentment in your life, and most importantly I dream of the day women don’t have to hide behind fake names to talk to their desire. It is wrong in my book, as the people that should hide are the ones that shame.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.