I have a horse farm and we do reproductive work (AI and live). While enjoyable to look at from a far (in humans), the female has to bear the burden of the male’s weight and thrusting.

This unless the woman likes to feel overpowered isn’t conducive to full seated pleasure.

Maybe I am lazy, but my favorite position is always woman on top, because the woman has the ability to control the depth (which maybe important if the guy is larger), and gravity allows friction and weight on all the important “bits”. Combined that with the grinding and movement she has a higher probability of reaching “orgasm equality”.

Missionary is also a good one (or spooning for those larger) because it embraces the warm intimacy and love that should be going with the yeah baby of sex.

So for guys that have to have it … then I recommend you also learn that you should have sex standing up with you holding her …. then I want to see how fast you orgasm when you are bearing the full weight of two people.

Now doggy position does have its place …. you know where you place your nose like a dog near the intimate places to take care of another …. #snicker.

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