I have allergic asthma because little did I know every tree in northern texas is oak and I have a CAT IV allergy to them, and every blade of grass is coastal, for which ... ding ding ding CAT IV.

I know how those storms feel, because the drug I take has too fuck with IgE and preventing it at the lung level. I also had SARS-2003 and my "experience" was like having someone take a bat to my chest and beat me over and over and over.

When the side effect kicks in, as it did after I tried to restart exercise this past week, it feels like a belt being put onto a lung and getting hard squeezed.

Then when that travesty is done ... lift your arm and say "Carlyn punch away like I am that misogynst who mansplained how to write a book to you and then touched you ... on my side where the lung is.

It can cause me to tear up the pain, and all I can do is sit there and say "yeah genetic lottery you mofo ..."

Shots every month, with drugs every day on top of two allergy OTCs ... long live pharma baby! Wear a P100 mask when in my barns and doing things.

But this person's beliefs are hurt so boo fucking hoo. Live in my body, and you will learn the hard way.

In one of many arguments (the joys of marriage and long term relationships), on the come down and apologizes. She said to me ... I dreamt once it was over and I realized I was wrong.

I then couldn't find you. I was like you betcha, I would be on an island or some deep nordic place where the winters are long and the pollen doesn't happen, or I would be on an ocean front where the winds blow in sans allergens.

It is why I have no fucks to give for people "unless" they are allergic to the delivery agent. But lets be real, these keyboard warriors and strong men/women of belief kind, probably don't see a GP on a regular basis.

Meanwhile I can say ... don't believe me ... here is my medical statement for last year, where I spend between $35-$40 ... thousand every year.

But hey that N95 mask ... oh my ...

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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