I have always tried to be nice and kind. Why?

The hate and disgust I had for myself on the inside was so tremendous, so deep and dark, so horrible, that to focus on it would make me go dark.

The thing is ... life over the long haul will show a person's true intent eventually. IT always happens.

If someone's nice mask (or brand) is slipping, take a step back and protect yourself, but folks should learn not to go driving in with the advice gun and the let's judge them sword of life.

Not your place to do that "unless" they physically and mentally harm you, then ... game on sister/brother.

I have made an observation in my travels and life and from myself in the last few decades.

I have noticed the most Christian or Progressive areas in life are actually identical.

They hid the deepest and darkest sexism, racism, and evil that one will ever see.

The funny thing is quite a few people that stand next to those deep and dark holes, end up being the nastiest and more inhuman individuals fighting for whatever they believe in life.

They are what they are fighting against.

What empowers me about your words and your comments and advice to the masses from your life view is this.

You plant a flower, you go for long walks, your try to make beauty out of societal "dung". You do speak loudly as you plant the life from death, and that is a-ok.

The people that "josh" you in a Machiavellian way are the first to the dinner table to enjoy the fruits of your labor, and yet they are the last to get down on their knees and work hard to do the labor required to truly enjoy the blood, sweat and tears of observation used to make the life whole.

There are a few people I look upon my path who are applauded for their wit and meme's and their "intelligence" and "new age, fighter lover peacemaker" view.

I see right through their mask, because when I bared my demons in the bright light to kill them. They mocked, they ridiculed, they empowered the demon with their views. They then blocked.

Why? Because I was a mirror to their real souls and I cut through their "masks" like a hot knife through butter.

I watch as they use other people, and SMH and pray for their peace and the people they are manipulating.

You are the polar opposite of them. You and others are what matters in life, and why I fight my battles every day.

Be Well.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.