I have been curiously tracking this on and off since the early 2000s. When I researched it, the magic threshold number was 55/45 ratio.

Note: This is rough based math with a buttload of assumptions.

There was some rough rule of thumbs, which I know some folks will roll the eyes with, but it was based upon watching the mating and dating of elite athletes, to average guys to nerds, in a world were women had the golden vagina. One can presuppose the opposite rule of selection will hold true (equality based view).

The rough metrics (and I can't find the response where I documented this on medium [grr]), was if we took 100 people mating and dating, and pulled 10% for non-heterosexual (and using the numbers of 60/40.

It becomes 54/36.

Now where it gets interesting, is the golden penis syndrome as you call out happens. IF one takes the 80/20 theory, which has some base on natural algorithms (log normal distributions which actually happens). That leaves 7 guys in that pool of 100, being sought after by the 54 in some way shape or form.

Even if you make it less 80/20 .... and make it 60/40, it is still 14 to 54.

That is a 3 girls for every guy which leads to the societal imbalances we see.

In the past, I would agree with you that things would shift back to the "I have the pussy I make the rules", but what is different now are women are requesting a different type of masculinity than what men are ready or willing to give.

Couple this with easy access porn, and transactional sex applications, and the wall is infinitely harder and higher. Men have different options to satisfy their needs just like women, and while they may lose monetary power, they gain some of the privileges women had in the past. Roles flip in an equal world, and men will gain benefits never opened to them before.

In an odd way, where guys in the previous world (golden vagina) where they felt invisible, will be felt in full force with women through out the entire phases of their lives.

Will women adapt? You betcha. One likely output is what you talk too, but there will be an issues. Men's health will severely impact reproduction.

Men on average do not take care of themselves medically as well as women do. This will lead to situations where women are good and ready, and due to the longer time it takes to date and mate and then walk into the reproduction milestones (if they choose). Men's sperm levels maybe wickedly bad, and given the crisis in masculinity. Well, even a good relationship could go really bad really fast.

They will have freedom of choice, can choose to have children (no qualms from me), but their expectations of the birds and bees, may go the way of the romantic fantasy.

I don't mean to be dark, but given all the gender and sexuality fluxes "in flux". I think it will be a highly complex relationship world where when relationships happen, it will be amazing. The thing is though, if the marriage rates dropped to the upper teens and lower 20% range in the last decade. It will go even lower (say lower 10% at best case).

So sadly only the rich will have a chance for marriage, and given men are used to being invisible in some cases, they will do the minimal effort (on average) to get their needs met.

It was documented by Naomi Wolfe and other feminists with the porn explosion in the early 2000s. Now with smart phones in the hand, and video games, and transactional apps. People's thirst will always be there, and in fact will get exponentially worse. This feedback loop, while enable more romantic fantasies of what should be which is like hardcore porn for guys.

It damages oneself. Of course not every person is going to be shallow, but the thirst is real.

For me personally, it disturbs me to see people get used (especially women). So I know personally I started working on my shit, but I don't know if other guys are doing the same. I do hope so, because I have found great joy being friends with women and partners in life. My word of the day I work on personally is compersion.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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