I have feminism to thank for rebooting my masculinity. If it wasn't for it, I would not be building the sacred and mindful masculinity that I am now.

Some folks get threatened by it because the perspective of it is from a woman's point of view. I don't fear it, though I did for a long time.

To me I see things like a "6", women see it as a "9". Those that mock when each gender walks around the circle to see it are just projecting their traumas and fears that they don't see the number at all.

For them they need to know it is ok. We are all here to help them see it is a number, then help them find the way to fix themselves.

So as a man I want to be too much of a feminist, because, I am a man with a male point of a view reaching out to womankind, through the kindness of my heart and forming the feelings of consent, equality and respect through my actions.

People project what they fear, and for those that say you are too much of a feminist, remember they are saying they are not.

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