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2 min readSep 18, 2020


I have had to fight this fight in rural areas since the 1990s. Telecom companies do not want to put the sheer money required to make this happen.

Want to know how much it will cost? $10K per household for broadband access.

This isn't a joke. I finally had to put a 5G solution that came out to roughly $10-$15K in costs and costs me $800/month to maintain a 50/50 link.


It is true, that is what it costs. I had a fibre extension to go 1.5 miles come back quote wise at $50K for the install and $220/month for the 300/100 service.

Obama and Trump have attempted to resolve this, but the CAF funding was slow rolled, because the investment wasn't large enough and the teeth to get this was absent.

For one larger and bankrupt carrier, they have 5 people for all the DSL in Northern Texas. That is it. This is to maintian 1/0.256 to 7/0.768 internet that is highly unstable.

I would for years bitch in social media about this to know people would roll their eyes and say my internet works and well move. These are folks that statee my gigE ethernet is great!

Well most people don't know is circa 2018 10/10 Mb access costs $34/month for the access. Note, this does not include the labor costs, pensions, and gear costs.

We all deserve better, but the reality is the investment to make this happen is a new deal sized due to the government regulations that have to be stripped away, the gentlemen's agreements that have to be broken, and lastly the cost that urban centers will have to see their bill go up and right sizing of their real bandwdith so everyone can "get some" ...

I work in telecom, and I am very internet saavy. I trunked 5 DSL lines for several years so I could stream 4K UHD and a T1 in an area where there was nothing and all that ...

The cost ... $10K a year usually .... horrible ... and I am lucky because I had the means to do this, most don't.



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