I have heard of tantra, but never really researched it. My view is I had interests in male chastity via my kink desires.

I have always had a "her first" mentality. What I will be writing about is it actually came in a non-intercourse way when a 14-16 year old female babysitter took my cherry at the age of around 8.

When I went wild after my other trauma in life, the look some really attractive model like women would have when they hit the bed and opened their legs and my face went down.


I had other things hit me, where I would consistently even during intercourse would come after. I heard one sorority girl say to another, no don't go with that hot safety, see his friend over there ... holy hell. My pussy is still sore in the good way.

Fast forward to later in life. I have more normal human energy and then I have my masculine "nuclear" energy. As men age, obviously things tame down a bit, but it is still there.

This idling of the reactor, allows one to understand gee if you manage this bad boy, not only will you be in for a fun surprise but your partner "oh my".

I moved to an area of Texas where 24x7x365 I am "blessed" with pollen and allergens when combined with my horse farm (we go through 4-5 tons of hay a month), it is highly toxic.

The drugs I take when the activate feel like taking a helmet under my arm pit.

What I found, once I started holding off. My body was able to bounce back from the hit faster and better.

You know the old adage, no sex before the big game. Well, there is some truth to it.

I am a firm believer that edging of the male will provide a lot of benefit to two people have sex. Women though IMO are wired differently, due to the different hormones. They don't need to be edged, they need to be warmed up, released and repeated and kept loose and ready at all times.

This is a beautiful difference between the genders, it sucks that our society and hierarchal systems (patriarchy) literally cunt and cock block women "every damn day".

One thing I learned is this ... Men have three main erogenous zones. Head of the penis, the base of the penis (i.e. the front of the prostate in a way), and the prostate.

If CIS-HET couples would learn to help focus pleasure for the men on the base and prostate, even under the guise of "birth control", relationships would be deeper and more enjoyable.

On a funny note, I am averaging around one release every 18 days, where I have gone 35 days during one stint. When I came ... holy fuck was it amazing and very "vocal".

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.