I have met women who were super strong feminists that would actually state it was the man's responsibility to get cut to reduce HPV and he was not a man if he didn't do it.

I shit you not, she was Jewish and my response was, it should be allowed for religious purposes only and not as a mass thing.

Men have three main pleasure zones. The prostate, the base of the penis (front side of the prostate and shaft, and the head. Circumcision cuts a lot of the pleasure zones out of the man.

If one (say a man and use the woman above) questions, that says there is a parallel to female mutilation ... step back Alan and watch the flame fest be unleashed.

Holy shit batman/woman.

Men now a days already feel disconnected from society and life. It is well documented that boys recieve less touch then girls when being raised as infant. One can’t think there isn’t a correlation.

Now, the usual view is one will not know because it is a child.

Think of this, that cutting and pain of the most intimate part, what does it signal to the boy about his mother that he just came from?

My favorite is dialogue over males pleasure from his penis by women who don't have one :) I do take the learning and feelings to understand not to map my beliefs on to women, but in today's society.

Think about the irony of a woman telling a man his pleasure won't change because he has taken a knife down there.

Now, don't get wrong, there are some folks that love edgy play down there and they should not feel shame at all for this. But this whole thing seems "very" medieval .....

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