I have no kids, but if you hear and see this again. Then you should step in as the "alpha" type of male and correct it.

If you need an example, flip the sexuality switch on this. State hey you are playing hoops, ball, working out at the gym with a friend. That friend in the shower comes up and grabs your ass or cock and says let's get it on.

You tell him no, then he responds with what you stated.

How would you feel?

Using the mother or sister tact won't work IMO because the son will never see them as sexual being, so the impact is minimal.

If you are still having issues, then find a therapist to talk it out, and force him to go.

Other options is to see if you can find woman's groups where women have had to deal with sexual assault. Make him listen to their pain and stories of assault. That maybe an eye opening experience.

For over 20 years when it comes to sexuality, boys now literally have access to any kind of porn and release and are shaped by porn on the internet.

Great example, in the series Utopia. One of the heroes (a young boy) asks to borrow a young girls computer.

What does she say? Please don't look at any dirty stuff. For writers to write this means there are ample samples out there where this is the norm.

Our society still gets an F for trying to raise boys into men. We invest near zero for decades, and then wonder when they are on the cusp of becoming an adult. They act badly.

So for you I am sorry as a father you are doing this dance, and what is harder is you have to split the parenting at a distance so he can escape. I sense there is a loss he is dealing with so he is countering with hyper masculinity. Look, listen and try to talk because while this symptom is bad, it is masking probably a worse issue that needs to be resolved and it isn't with women.

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