I have noticed everything you observed and written too. IS person X with me for me "or" my packaging, is a common thought.

In my wilder (not the me of now ...) days, I observed that quite a bit with "all the superbly" beautiful people.

There was a Defensive End (American Football) in college over a spliff and drinks at one of his after after-parties stated. I like you dude. You give a shit and you got it.

I said huh? The groupies, when it comes to for the night to close you never go for the prettiest of pretty that all the guys do. You go for the unique and smarter one, or the crazy athletic ones.

I stated, they were always more fun, better in bed, and things were more equal. Hell if it was really good, who wouldn't want a second "go" the next day or next weekend?

He stated he had a thing. He would always try the girls of some of the players/friends. He stated that is how he figured I had a clue.

I stated beauty will eventually fade. The prettier the body and face, the less that was on the inside.

I cringe as I write this, but it is a pattern I noticed. I love how you write about it far better than my anecdotal history and experience, but your writing is "100% spot-on".

What I have seen and experienced is why now, I only desire real connected sex and friendship with smart, open-minded, and emotionally stable people.

Every time I read your writing, I am floored with your creativity and skill. You are the intellectual Gizelle :)

Be well!

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.