I have several close female friends that I trust, and I have some body positivity issues I have had to fight with. You are talking a guy that had a six pack and an athlete body.

I fought the demons and a few of them have said something similar. Hey Al, went looking and noticed you don't have many pictures of yourself out there.

Well, the only real picture I have is on one social media site, because the flight attendants took the picture because I crossed one million miles on American Airlines.

Where I am now versus then? Light years, still fighting through things, and I finally have a formula in my head to get back to my athlete body.

So seeing both sides of the equation, I can empathize what Wilbur says too.

That being said, I know in any future partnership and relationship, it is what is between the person's ears and armpits. Also the openness and communication and of course compatibility in sex and outlook in life.

That is what I would share to guys going through the travels of life, and I chuckled with a really fantastic woman I am close friends with.

I stated I will be the dad aura in a cad body, and yeah if she/they has friends or women who might pick on her for "whatever" ... I would love to be in that position where the shirt comes off, the devilish twinkle in my eye, and everything and I would say.

This is a real woman, liberated and confident because that is what is sexy AF ...

Shallow and trivial human beings do not get to "ride this ride" here and will never get close to my full masculinity "ever".

The important thing is you realize it now, and by fighting the stupid fight our society has "with packaging" ... that is all that matters.

Keep on fighting the fight, and remember curly crazy hair will always be sexy (even in humid days :) )

Be well

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